Rosario Dibendetto Ripped off BIG BY Perris Calderon Ripped off

RIPPED OFF BY PERRIS CALDERON from Bellmore Ripped me off at the tune of 250,000.00 dollars the real story goes like this He was attractted to me being *** and all started showing and sending me naked photos of when he was "as he said hot and in his 20's with 2 other naked men" WHICH i WILL BE POSTING PHOTOS SOON ON UTUBE Any way I turned him down of course I dont go that way at all I love woman to much !!! Anyway he asked if I Rosario Dibenedetto would help him sell some Antiques which we found out after taking 2 weeks to unpack all the items and transport at a charge of course He then asked to put up some up front money which I was willing to because of some Jewelery he said his mother left him he had what seemed to be GIA PAPERS AND THEY LOOKED GOOD IT ALL APPRAISED AT $350.000.00 So we did the deal .and by the way I had all the antiques he wanted me to sell He was also trying to keep his two sisters from finding out about the Jewels which they knew nothing about and he wanted me to keep a secret

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Jul 14, 2013 #680473 Yonkers, New York

Perris Calderon Has been posting False Claims Since 2012 for a year and a half now . He continues to post and make up false names to give the appearance that all of these posts are from different people supposed to have been victimized by Russ but what all of these posts are is Perris himself going into Starbucks coffee shops and posting these reviews and comments under fake names he is a very disturbed individual not one other person besides Perris Calderon and his sister Benay Karp have posted any complaints or new reviews that's in the past year and a half when will you folks find something constructive and positive to do with your life's if you spent as much time doing good things in this world and not trying to hurt other people you would be much better off but you will see the next post will be by someone in a distant place that has nothing to do with THIS AT ALL he might call himself PLR FROM UPSTATE NEW YORK WHAT PERRIS AND HIS SISTER BENAY KARP DON'T REALIZE YET IS THAT THERE IS A 10 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER THANK YOU LOVE

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Dec 28, 2012 #586849 Hempstead, New York

ROSARIO DIBENEDETTO has not only embezzled my estate, we have uncovered A LITANY of previous VICTIMS of this man, there are COURT DOCUMENTED RECORDS of this man and his companies "misappropriating" MILLIONS of dollars FROM FAMILIES GRIEVING THE LOSS OF THE PARENTS!!!...every person we have found who has sued PREVAILED and the courts AGREED DIBENEDETTO owed them their property or compensation, ROSARIO THEN DEFIED those court orders and MOVED ON TO HIS NEXT VICTIM
THAT is the kind of man who began this supposed complaint, a complaint against the very family he is in the process of victimising

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Perris Calderon

Sep 15, 2012 #542342

my name is Perris Calderon
My fathers name was Louis Calderon, my mothers name was Lilly Calderon
They were lovers of old word craftsmanship and fine art and would do without so they could keep for themselves as the inheritance for their children and grandchildren
a lifelong collection of rare antiquities, fine works of craftsmanship and art so exquisite items were bid on by museums, some rareties fetching close to 100,OOO dollars (you can find such if you search his name on sothebys)
Rosario Dibenedetto, under the guise of "estate liquidate" and "collectable express" embezzled most of our estate, items such as rare tiffany flatware which would bring over 10k in scrap alone, and other tiffany items, other rare sterling silverware sets and unique examples of silbesmith, and rare clocks, one of which had brought almost 20k 12 years ago at famed auction houses, leaded shades, signed works of art and bronze, furniture made by the cabinet maker to James Monroe himself
We have dealt with others to liquidate my parents estate, Rosario Dibenedetto is the only person or company to write bad checks, (almost 18 thousand dollars), the only person to refuse returning unsold merchandise, even in the face of direct court order, the only person to claim prices of sale far below the actual prices realized, the only person to claim he did not take possession of antiquities he is clearly seen taking on video
When I went public with this characters
... Show more

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Family Estate Ripped Off

Sep 13, 2012 #541708

Wow. Horrifying that Rosario Dibendetto is actually attacking a dead man's reputation. But this is the level this piece of *** has decided to sink to. He has misappropriated my parents estate, and continues to disobey a court order to return our possessions, and make good on the $18,000 in bad checks he wrote to us. He is a pathetic little *** man. People, look good and hard at the made up glowing reports that this guy posts. So clearly FAKE. Look at this last review this..this..."Thing" has written about a fine, honorable and upstanding man, and business that had been around for over 50 years-My Father. Please, please tell ANYONE and everyone who will listen what a horrible creature this Rosario Dibendetto is. He is clearly trying to bait my brother into doing something to him to defend our parents name, so he can get out of giving us our inheritance and money back. BUT, my brother Perris is not a *** man, and will not fall for this obvious trick. We will continue to pursue this pig, all the way through *** and back, and bring him to justice Legally. Justice will prevail.

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Perris Calderon  Is Liar

Sep 12, 2012 #541366

I know this man Perris Calderon he has been spreading lies about every antique dealer on Long Island Thinking and saying that his Father had all of these great antiques and there in museums thats all a bunch of Hog Wash I knew of this store the Pink Wagon A bunch of Junk if you ask me and I have been dealing with Antiques my whole life Stop the Nonsense will you and Stop spreading lies about people.

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perris calderon

Jan 05, 2013 #589833 Bohemia, New York

well, one (or two if you are not rosario himself) is a liar

the COURT S have DOCUMENTED ROSARIO DIBENEDETTO has done to quite a few other victims the exact same thing he's done to me, he's been sued NUMVEROUS times, has LOST every case we can find, the courts ORDERED him to compensate for property he did NOT return and he REFUSED even those court orders by simply declaring "insolvency"
so somebody is lying, I think most people would guess it's the person who's been sued on these issues and lost

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Jul 10, 2013 #677583

I believe Perris is not a liar based on my personal experience with Russ. I have been screwed big time by him and am still trying to recover the money owed to me or have my items returned to me.

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banding together to do what's

Jul 10, 2013 #677648 Brooklyn, New York

Thank you for your post sls, there is quite a bit of hope for you and your lost property, please contact us at victimsofcollectibleexpress dot com and hopefully we can help you as you help.

I'll be posting more on the excellent progress we have made with other victims and before the courts in the very near future

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Aug 01, 2012 #522388

follows are some of the other companies the man who began this post runs his scam, and as you see, will run personal attacks when he finds himself being reported for that scam he runs
Collectible Express
Antique Express
Estate Liquidate
he has others and is contantly developing new ones

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perris calderon

Aug 01, 2012 #522374

I am perris calderon

I have to tell you Ros

this is his response to me reporting his embezzlement, I have gone public with how he embezzles people, Ill do it here as well

he runs an embezzlement scheme by writing a contract then immediately going behind the contract and selling your family ear-looms behind your back , when you discover this activity he writes a check for less then he sold those items, then he actually cancels that check

He has a quite a few aliases, he runs his scam with companies "Antique buyers" and :estate liquidate" and "Russo galleries"

"Ros", you've done very nicely providing more providence for your fraud in the court hearings

or did you forget we have the email records demonstrating how you we first made contact on your scam?

you've helped my case against you


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Jul 10, 2013 #677585

Good luck Perris. I wish you all the success in the world in bring this thief down since unforuntately, I have been one of his victims as well.

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banding together 2do what's ri

Jul 10, 2013 #677767

Thank you for your post sls!

There is quite a bit of hope for you and your lost property, please c us at victimsofcollectibleexpress dot com and hopefully we can help you as you help us

You are FAR from alone, quite a few other victims of this predator have contacted us and joined forces, the case with the da is mounting and we believe we will have some kind of action in the not too distant future!

Here is the good news as far as our case is concerned;

Contrary to this predators posts (here and elsewhere), we have ALREADY prevailed in court, the court recognized our proof and this man was ORDERED to return our property, to which he ADMITTED he had said property, he brought back a tiny portion of what he took in a child like attempt to seem as though he satisfied the judges' COURT ORDER

That's right, he ALREADY lost the case, now we are proving before the courts the amount of things left unreturned.

More to come in the near future

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